Basic Training

Foundations & Frameworks is a research-based and research-supported instructional reading program which is distributed through a 10-day Graduate Level Professional Development Program.


This teacher training is not conducted in a “workshop” style format, but rather an intense graduate level framework that thoroughly equips teachers to become even more effective in their instruction. Only those participants successfully completing training are certified to teach Foundations & Frameworks in his or her classroom.

  • Days 1-3 of training include training in the Architecture of Learning instructional framework. This framework can be used in any area of instruction and is the instructional design used for Foundations & Frameworks.

  • Days 4-10 include training in reading comprehension, small groups, visual tools, vocabulary, assessment, content area reading, beginning reading, and instructional tools.  

Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training

Briarwood Christian School • Birmingham, AL

July 8-19, 2019

Join us at Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, AL for Basic Training! Teachers who complete training are certified to implement Foundations & Frameworks within their employing school.

We are pleased to offer several registration options this year. Please note, registration fees do not include travel, food, and lodging. 

Registration Form

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Basic Training at Your School

A school contracts with Briarwood Christian School to have a Foundations & Frameworks Specialist train its faculty at its school site.

  • The cost of a 10-day on-site training for up to 21 participants is $23,500* plus materials (approximately $200 per participant). ​

  • The cost of a 10-day on-site training more than 21 participants is $28,500* plus materials (approximately $200 per participant). 

*These fees include ALL trainer expenses. 

Program Support: Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC • Contact us

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