Over 135 schools from around the world use Foundations & Frameworks as their instructional reading comprehension program. Here are just a few of our clients and their testimonials.

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“This training has transformed my thinking about instruction and the importance of being intentional in instruction.” -Maryland teacher

A positive outcome of training: “Learning to systematically teach students to read in a way that will allow them to critically think about what they have read and apply that knowledge.” -Tennessee teacher


“Foundations & Frameworks has changed my way of thinking and processing the information about reading. I now have a vision for our school and the reading program.” -Tennessee teacher and administrator


“The synthesis of current research with teaching and learning methods has created a program that transforms the entire process of reading instruction.” –Alabama teacher

“Foundations & Frameworks has completely changed our reading program in third grade! The students are taught to think and write critically. Their reading levels have increased dramatically throughout the year. They are learning great vocabulary that they love to find in other books. I have never taught anything that is more challenging and rewarding. I would never want to go back to teaching Reading the way we did before!” –Florida Teacher

Student Testimonials:

“I like to read the book because you learn things you didn’t know. My favorite was Cheetahs!”


“I like going to small group because you get to share your ideas and hear what other people were thinking and you can learn from other people’s thinking.”


“I like the SPECS Log because I get to create. There are pages that are blank and we get to create the illustrations ourselves.”


“I like small group because you get to share what you wrote yesterday.”


“I like when the teacher reads out loud because I like everybody to hear the same story”


“I like small group because I get to be with my teacher and we do all kinds of things there.”


“I like Intellectual Art because you get to work with your group and draw colorful pictures and I like small group because you get to check your work and change it if it’s wrong.”


“I like the SPECS Log because it’s cool. It challenges my brain.”


“I like Intellectual Art because you get to write about the whole book and it helps me to review. And I love drawing and coloring.”


“I like working in the SPECS Log because I can do it good and I can spell all the words.”


“I like the visual tools because you get to write down and see what you were thinking and yours can be different from somebody else’s.”


“I like reading. I would be sad if it wasn’t here. I like the questions from the visual tool and the flow chart with perspective cloud and another one I liked is the timeline.”


“I like the SPECS Logs because you get to create what’s in your mind.”

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