Foundations & Frameworks Instructional Reading Program can be implemented at your school through the following steps:

  1. Teachers/Staff attends Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training. The teacher’s manual, Foundations & Frameworks Toolbox, is included with training materials

  2. Literature for students

  3. SPECS Logs for each student in first grade and up. Kindergarten may use SPECS Logs, but it is optional

  4. Teachers need a few supplies such as: bulletin board paper/butcher paper for Intellectual Art, large chart paper (optional) for use in teacher modeling, small group area and supplies (i.e., table, white board, chart paper)




Foundations & Frameworks uses authentic literature identified at each grade level for each reading comprehension skill listed in the program’s scope and sequence. High quality literature is used as a natural conduit for skill instruction. The literature engages students and provides adequate material for in-depth comprehension. The literature is clustered according to readability and is used for comprehension skill instruction.


We recommend using Make Way for Books as a source of quality literature. Once a school adopts Foundations & Frameworks, personnel can register at The company lists each reading comprehension skill listed in the Foundations & Frameworks’ Scope and Sequence along with several levels of readability. Each school selects the literature that best fits their school culture and atmosphere.

Make Way for Books offers a discount on literature used in the program. Contact Mrs. Julia Washburn at 888.622.6932 or for a literature quote or more information.



SPECS is an acronym for SPace for Extending Comprehension Skills. The SPECS Logs are student notebooks used daily during the small group sessions that comprise most of the Foundations & Frameworks’ reading comprehension unit. Students complete their reading and vocabulary assignments using the SPECS Log.

SPECS Logs are available for purchase from Make Way for Books.

Program Support: Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC • Contact us

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