Foundations & Frameworks is a uniquely designed research-based and research-supported instructional reading program developed at Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama. Since its introduction in 2001, an increasing number of schools across the United States and Canada have adopted and implemented the program. Over 135 schools use Foundations & Frameworks as their instructional reading comprehension program.

Basic Training


Foundations & Frameworks is a research-based and research-supported instructional reading program. Successful completion of a 10-day graduate level professional development training is required to implement the program.

Advanced Training


This training takes place during one week in January each school year. This training allows a school to have a certified trainer to conduct all future trainings in-house, assist in overseeing a successful implementation, and provide ongoing professional development.

Refresher Course


Foundations & Frameworks offers a review to Foundations & Frameworks teachers through a Refresher Course. After teaching the program in the classroom, teachers may become more effective by reviewing elements from Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training.

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